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Center for Mathematical Modeling and Data Science,Osaka University

Osaka-UCL Mini-Workshop on Stochastics, Numerics and Risk

(後援)大阪大学数理・データ科学教育研究センター 金融・保険部門


Osaka-UCL Mini-Workshop on Stochastics, Numerics and Risk

(後援)大阪大学数理・データ科学教育研究センター 金融・保険部門

プログラム (修正版):

16th February:

9:30--10:15 Jun Sekine (Osaka University), "Many-player stochastic games under Epstein-Zin preferences and relative performance criteria"

10:25--11:10 Masaaki Fukasawa (Osaka University), "An introduction to rough volatility"

11:25--12:10 Takuya Nakagawa (Ritsumeikan University), "Existence of density functions for the running maximum of SDEs by non-truncated stable like processes"

14:00--14:45 Toshihiro Yamada (Hitotsubashi University), "Total variation bound for Milstein scheme without iterated integrals"

14:55--15:40 Andrea Macrina (UCL), "Arcade processes"


16:30--16:55 Georges Kassis (UCL), "Informed martingale interpolation and transport"

16:55--17:15 Daniel Bussell (UCL), "Deep learning methods for quadratic BSDEs"

17th February:

13:00--13:45 Camilo Garcia Trillos (UCL), "On adversarial robustness and the use of Wasserstein ascent-descent"

13:55--14:40 Ryoichi Suzuki (Ritsumeikan University), "A modified $\Phi$-Sobolev inequality for Levy processes and related concentration inequalities"

15:00--15:25 Mikio Hirokane (Osaka University), "A limit theorem for generalized tempered stable processes and their quadratic variations with stable index tending to two"

15:25--15:50 Ryoji Takano (Osaka University), "Large deviation principle for the Lyons-Victoir extension"

16:00--16:45 Yushi Hamaguchi (Osaka University), "Periodic portfolio selection under quasi hyperbolic discounting"

テーマ: Osaka-UCL Mini-Workshop on Stochastics, Numerics and Risk
日時: 2023年02月16日(木)~2023年02月17日(金)
場所: 大阪大学基礎工学J棟617
参加費: 無料
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