Data Science
& Robotics LabOsaka Univesity

Dr. Wataru Takano

I am a Specially Appointed Professor at a Center for Mathematical Modeling and Data Science, Osaka University, where I am a member of the Unit of Data Science. My research interests are robotics & artificial intelligence which are founded on Kinematics, Dynamics, Control, Optimization, and Statistical theories. I have tackled ``Whole World Symbol Project" on stochastic modelling human movements, their understanding, planning and controlling humanoid robots based on the human movements, linking the actions to language, further applied these basic techniques to the brain computer interface, rehabilitation, and driving support technologies.

Recent News

  • News 2019/12/1 Publicly open the Motion Database(TRC). Link
                                Please contact me for the permission.
  • News 2019/10/23 Press release "Research on motion to language" Link