The Features of MMDS

We offer interdisciplinary educational programs under the cooperation of four graduate schools at Osaka University and the business community, and improve the global human resources by making full use of advanced mathematical modeling and data science. Note here that globalization implies internationalization.

 MMDS aims to be an educational hub where various researchers in different graduate schools at Osaka University cooperate with one another. Taking over the CSFI, MMDS now includes educational programs across the graduate schools of Science, Engineering Science, Information Science and Technology, and Economics, where we construct new educational systems.
 One of the features of MMDS is to utilize mathematical modeling and data science in the natural sciences, engineering, the social sciences, the human sciences, the biological sciences and medical science as well as finance and insurance. Mathematical modeling and data science are two of the most important research infrastructures, as they are keys to future scientific and technical progress, and they have the ability to connect different research areas to one another.
 In MMDS, we plan to provide an educational program called Mathematical Modeling, in addition to the two existing educational programs (i.e., Finance and Insurance, and Data Science), which is designed to systematically master the knowledge and techniques based on the basic theories of mathematical modeling and data science.
 Moreover, we train our students to adapt for globalization by conducting our lectures in English and by offering educational programs using complex simulations and big data analysis on a large scale. Practical education within the business community is also part of our educational programs.

The Features ofMMDS