Educational Programs (Introducing Three Divisions)

We provide educational programs for each of the three divisions.
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MMDS consists of three divisions and the educational roles for each division are as follows:
(1) Division of Finance and Insurance (DFI)
 We continue to provide the educational programs previously provided by CSFI, where the core subjects are mathematical finance, financial engineering, and actuarial science. Moreover, we continue to create specialists in the financial and actuarial fields for our educational program called Finance and Insurance.
(2) Division of Mathematical Modeling (DMM)
 By representing complex systems as mathematical models, we provide an educational program with the capability to resolve the underlying problems. We train our students to formulate and solve problems in the natural sciences, engineering and medicine using mathematical modeling. We plan to provide an educational program called Mathematical Modeling.
(3) Division of Data Science (DDS)
 We offer an educational program called Data Science that is designed to teach students to utilize big data, adjust to uncertainty and apply various scientific methodologies based on the available evidence. We seek to provide our students with the essential high-level skills for data analyses such as statistics, computer programming, large-scaled simulations, and visualization.
 Thus, the educational programs shown in the figure below are established by each of the three divisions, and MMDS aims to train next generation and produce specialists in various fields.

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