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 To ensure future stability of the monetary economy, the development of human resources that are knowledgeable about both social and natural sciences is essential. The Center’s educational program, therefore, offers an integrated post-graduate education in the social and natural sciences. Career Opportunities for our graduates .

Career Opportunities for our graduates

Mathematical and
statistical finance course
Financial economics/engineering
Insurance course
occupation Advanced financial
engineer, Quantitative
Advanced financial analyst,
Advanced financial planner,
Designer/manager of new financial systems
Actuary with broad
knowledge of finance
  • Development on investment technology
  • Development of financial products
  • Consulting in investment technology
  • Measurement, management, analysis, and evaluation of monetary risks
  • Development of mathematical models
  • Investment, evaluation and management of financial assets
  • Research and analysis of financial market
  • Development financial system
  • Financial trading
  • Analysis of carious securities
  • Financial consulting
  • Measurement, management, analysis and evaluation of monetary risks
  • Development of financial products
  • Evaluation, maintenance and management of financial assets
  • Financial trading
  • Research and analysis of financial market
  • Planning/analysis of financial policies
  • Financial decision-making and strategy analysis
  • Analysis and evaluation of business projects
  • Valuation and appraisal of real estate
  • Actuary
  • Design of insurance/annuity products
  • Financial management of insurance/annuity services
  • Risk management of insurance/annuity services
situation Operation/product development/research department of financial institutions (banks, securities companies, insurance companies)
Life insurance companies, non-life insurance companies, trust banks (insurance/pension mathematics department)
Financial department of business corporations, venture-capital companies
Think tanks (IT-system/financial/securities/corporate analysis department/ etc.)
Consulting companies, auditing firms (certified public accountant)
Stock exchanges, financial information service companies, central bank
Financial/fiscal policy development/analysis department of the central/local governments

In brief, the DFI’s educational program is designed to train professionals such as advanced financial engineers, quantitative analysts, advanced financial analysts, advanced financial planners, actuaries with broad finance knowledge, and top-level researchers.