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In finance and actuarial science education, it is necessary to provide an academic program of balanced relation to both social/institutional aspects and mathematical/technological aspects of these study fields. This is because in designing and developing financial/insurance/pension systems and products, it is essential to have not only sophisticated mathematical and technological knowledge, but also proper understanding of the economic meanings/roles of such systems and products in a complex society. Conversely, if some are able to understand these economic meanings/roles properly, such persons may fail in making proper application, analysis and development, unless they understand the advanced mathematical theories necessary for designing/developing them properly. Therefore, it is necessary to train professionals who have both adequate mathematical/technological and social/institutional knowledge. A unique feature of DFI in MMDS is the development of educational programs integrated in both social and natural science which are needed in today's society.
Dealing not only with finance theory and financial engineering but also with actuarial mathematics is another remarkable feature of DFI. Osaka University has many professors in the fields of probability theory, stochastic calculus, statistics and monetary economics. Since 1999, a number of professors in these fields have formed a group called “Finance Theory and Applications (FTA)”, and have carried out its education and research activities with the cooperation of its members. On the basis of those activities, DFI will organize a multi-disciplinary faculty embracing science, engineering sciences, information science and economics, and will develop a new and unique integrated program of socio-natural science and study materials for use in the program, by devising a new system for education. In addition, since DFI's research fields are closely related to the world of financial business, professionals in business practice will be invited to teach at DFI and practical business education will be incorporated in the educational program.

DFI Educational program