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 Mathematics, statistics and information technology are three elements in data science. The graduate students who take the DDS educational program will be able to understand theory and the implication of advanced data analysis and derive useful information using IT techniques. To understand data science, it is necessary to know the background of the data, i.e., how data is generated, which research field the data is used in, and so on. We should be able to communicate with various researchers. Thus, the keywords of data science are "interdisciplinary," "interactive" and "integrated" across different fields.
 The students who complete the DDS educational program are expected to be employed as follows: in a pharmaceutical company or research firm that utilizes data scientists; as a data scientist in a manufacturing firm; in an IT company that requires computer skills, and so on. In addition, the public institutes that utilize a large amount of public data need human resources who have knowledge about the data sciences. Furthermore, there are some people who become professional researchers in various fields such as the statistical sciences, applied mathematics, the mathematical sciences, the social sciences, health and medical statistics, epidemiology, and so on.